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Speaking to a group of business owners
Speaking to a group of business owners

Renee is a Financial Motivational Speaker and is available for speaking engagements where she will present practical financial strategies and step by step implementation plans.  Understanding the fear and emotions surrounding money, Renee presents topics in a positive, upbeat manner. Her goal is to encourage people for the future rather than making them feel guilty about their past financial decisions and actions.

Renée’s custom speaking services are perfect for your event! They allow for tailored keynotes, workshops and Q&A’s designed specifically for your audience and their needs.  Renée Rebelo is an entertaining, thought provoking speaker whose strategies and case studies are relevant, and easy to implement.  Renée will leave your audience motivated and begging for more.  Her famous “Lets Make A Financial Deal”  interactive knowledge based presentation is always a captivating and engaging.  She also uses the Adult Jenga game for smaller intimate workshops to educate and interact with her trainees.

From Financial Motivational Speaking regarding the Detours on the Road of Life, to Cutting Edge Financial Strategies.  Renee is your expert for a highly engaging session.

She has been called the Financial Problem Solver. She has presented on topics such as: “Why a CFP?”, “RRSP or TFSA Or Both?” “Estate Planning 101″ “Investments 101″ “WILLS and POA’s” “Snowbirds Insurance” “How to choose a Financial Planner that is right for you” “Networking with Confidence” “Small Business Planning” “Managing your Emotional Investing” “Teaching your children how to save” “Budgeting 101″ “Charitable Giving” “Socially Responsible Investing” and many more topics!

Her topics can range from simple Cash Flow Analysis to complex Wealth Transition and Estate Planning topics.

If interested in learning more or scheduling Renee for your event please contact her at renee@lifecoachfinancial.com or by phone at 289-235-9776.

Speaking in front of hundreds of women.