February Monthly Networking and Social Event

Come and Join us for our next monthly social networking event.

It is a social round table discussion, where we will also have a short educational presentation on a topic of interest for women.  We start our meetings with our buffet meal.  During our meal we go around the table and our attendees do a short introduction of themselves.   This is then followed by a short educational presentation by one of our members, (See below for topic) which then opens the table for more discussions where we all talk talk talk.  Always inspiring, educational and lot’s of fun.

This months speaker will be:   Anne Bulstrode of AMB Consulting … she will be teaching us how to ….   

Connect with People using Personality Types to Improve your Relationships

It is always easy to connect with others who have a similar Personality Type to you, you just get each other. However, not all you relationships are this easy. You could significantly improve your relationships with family, friends, co-workers etc. by understanding other’s Personality Types and how to connect with them.  In this interactive session you will:

·  Determine your own Personality Type

·  Gain an understanding of how to determine other’s Personality Type

·  Learn tips to connect with each of the different Personality Types.

We hope you can make it!  See you there! 

Renee F. Rebelo, CFP 

Founder of Savvy Livin for Women