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GOLD AWARD – CHCH TV for Investment Firm of the Year for 2016!

Watch Renee Live on CH Morning LIVE on January 18th 2017 as she speaks about the Holiday Financial Hangover

Watch Renee Rebelo on CH Morning Live January 2017










Wealth Professional “Hot List” for 2016 Award

This is the 50 men and women in Canada who exert considerable influence on the financial planning industry.  These people’s headline-making moves are transforming the wealth management industry!

Women of Influence – Insurance and Investment Journal  Award– August 18th 2014

Empowering others through Financial Education – Insurance and Investment Journal is proud to highlight the accomplishments of 50 influential women who are contributing their energy, talents and determination toward the same goal – the financial security of Canadians.

When ‘Mum’s the Word’ With Clients Article  – Wealth Professional  – May 13th, 2014

Getting candid about finances is faux-pas for many Canadians, suggests one Ontario advisor.  Click above to read more! 

“Clients see through insincerity”  – Wealth Professional   – April 23rd, 2014

Young advisors just entering the business should get a mentor and pick a niche clientele, advises one financial planner.  Click above to read more!