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About Life Coach Financial

At Life Coach Financial, we specialize in comprehensive financial planning and wealth management. We offer a broad range of services including financial planning, investment services, tax planning, and financial education. With over 20 years experience in the financial industry, you can have peace of mind that you will be provided with independent advice that will provide you with the knowledge to make well informed financial decisions. Our philosophy is to empower and educate clients towards financial independence and decisions through financial strategies and goals. We teach clients how to manage their emotions and behaviours around their finances. We work with our clients to help them achieve their financial lifetime goals through customized solutions that encompass their complete financial picture and not just one aspect of it.  We have access to a broad range of professionals who are also qualified to provide expert advice on every area of your financial planning process.  Our clients include business owners, executives, professionals, widow(ers) and retirees.

We offer Financial Motivational Seminars and are available for speaking engagements where Renee will present practical financial strategies and step by step implementation plans. Renee has been called the Financial Problem Solver.

She has presented on topics such as:

  • “Why a CFP?”
  • “RRSP or TFSA Or Both?”
  • “Estate Planning 101”
  • “Investments 101”
  • “WILLS and POA’s”
  • “Snowbirds Insurance”
  • “How to choose a Financial Planner that is right for you”
  • “Networking with Confidence”
  • “Small Business Planning”
  • “Managing your Emotional Investing”
  • “Teaching your children how to save”
  • “Budgeting 101”
  • “Charitable Giving”
  • “Socially Responsible Investing”  What is it?

Her topics can range from simple Cash Flow Analysis to complex Wealth Transition and Estate Planning topics. If interested in learning more or scheduling Renee for your event please contact her at renee@lifecoachfinancial.com or by phone at 289-235-9776.